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Major milestone: Nova Scotia’s population surpasses one million people

Nova Scotia announced Thursday the province has surpassed a population milestone of one million people, following record growth since July 2021.

Halifax is #1: Top communities to live and work remotely

Our exclusive new ranking of the best places to live in the country takes into account that more of us are able to work and study from home


Experts say Halifax’s growing tech ecosystem is at the epicentre of the digital shift turning the province into one of the Canada’s hottest tech hubs.


The Atlantic bubble was not only a good idea, but a blueprint for dramatic change

Because of the Atlantic bubble, things got done. The diversity within a region with many shared interests was a small engine.


Coronavirus: Canada's best-kept secret? The Atlantic bubble

The “New Zealand of North America” has managed to keep the coronavirus at bay while enabling life to go on and keeping local economies afloat.

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Halifax is a major economic center for the Atlantic side of Canada, and it’s home to many government services and private companies.


N.S. video game industry on the hunt for workers as pandemic drives up sales

The industry is looking to hire dozens of new employees as people staying at home due to the pandemic drive up video game sales.

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Halifax rated Canada’s second fastest growing municipality

Halifax has been seeing a steady growth in population for over five years, and even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t put an end to that trend.


REDspace in Nova Scotia: Looking back on two decades of business

The company has grown significantly, expanding the office and leveraging experience and corporate learning to diversify into adjacent markets in the midst of massive, rapid technology transformations, like aerospace and defence.


European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada : One Week, One Province : Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Business Inc. recently had the opportunity to participate in the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN) ‘One Week, One Province’ virtual event, featuring Nova Scotia.


These 14 Companies Set Up Shop In Halifax During The Pandemic

Covid-19 dealt a massive, short-term blow to Halifax’s economy. But that hasn’t stopped companies from around the world from flocking to the city.


Best communities in Canada: Why Atlantic Canada comes out on top

Our exclusive new ranking finds the long-overlooked cities of Atlantic Canada are the top places to be now that many of us are able to work and study from home.