Coastal living

In Nova Scotia, you’re never more than 67km away from the coast. Beaches, coastal trails and paddling adventures are all outside your door waiting to be explored.

Nova Scotia is home to over 13,000km of coastline and 45 National, Provincial and public beaches. With that amount of beaches, just relax with a good book, breathe in the salty air and listen to the waves roll.

Nova Scotia offers exceptional kayaking and canoeing experiences you won’t find anywhere else. From dramatic cliffs and arches to sheltered waterways and white sand beaches, you will love paddling along our stunning coastlines. The province also has five rowing clubs and seven paddling clubs with learn to row/paddle programs to competitive teams.

Nova Scotia has 13,300km of accessible coastline, with endless inlets, coves and harbours. With 16 yacht clubs and marinas, explore on your own vessel, or aboard one of the 17 sailing tours available across the province.